This post was written by Matthew E. Wetzel.

In early 2008, the District of Columbia City Council passed the SafeRX Amendment Act (the “Act”), introduced by Council Member David Catania.1 The Act requires pharmaceutical “detailers,” which includes both employees and independent contractors of pharmaceutical manufacturers, to be licensed by the District of Columbia Board of Pharmacy (the “Board”) by April 1, 2009. Pursuant to the Act and regulations issued by the Board Aug. 29, 2008,2 once a pharmaceutical detailer has been licensed by the Board, he or she must, among other things, (1) comply with the PhRMA Code on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals (“the PhRMA Code”), as well as additional requirements; (2) earn continuing education credits; and (3) follow stringent document retention requirements. This Client Alert summarizes the Act and the Board’s regulations, and includes a list of considerations for manufacturers whose employees and independent contractors must be licensed to work in the District of Columbia.