This post was also written by Amie E. Schaadt.

On July 17, 2010, the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (DPW) published its final regulations for assisted living residences (ALRs) operating within the Commonwealth  40 Pa.B. 4073. The final-form regulations were drafted to fulfill the statutory requirements of Act 56, which was enacted by the Pennsylvania General Assembly on July 25, 2007 and amended the statute regulating and licensing personal care homes by creating, defining and providing for the licensing and regulation of ALRs.

DPW had published proposed ALR regulations on August 9, 2008. While much has remained the same, Act 56 and the final regulations for ALRs represent a significant change in the manner in which the Commonwealth views the continuum of care for seniors and individuals with chronic disabilities.  The final ALR regulations incorporate some significant changes from the proposed regulation and ALRs will need to comply with DPW’s new regulatory requirements.

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