This post was written by Jay Yan, Mao Rong, Zack Dong, Zhao Hong, Gordon Schatz, Dr. David Kan and Katherine Yang.

Reed Smith’s Life Sciences Health Industry China Briefing provides a summary of the monthly news and legal developments relating to China’s Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, and Life Sciences/ Health Care Industries.

Some important developments during November include:

  • Beijing Hospital Requirements: Overuse of Antibiotics
  • SFDA Issues Second Batch of Class II Medical Devices, For Which Distributors Do Not Need to Apply for Medical Devices Distribution License
  • Interim Measures on Appraisal of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospitals: Request for Comments
  • Two Pharmaceutical Companies Fined for Monopolizing Compound Reserpine API
  • China to Build ADR Monitoring System
  • NDRC to Investigate Ex-factory Prices of Drugs
  • China Finalizes Healthcare Reform 12th FYP
  • China to Launch Massive Survey on TCM Resources
  • Notice Concerning Circulation of the 12th Five-year Plan of Biotechnology Development

To read the full briefing by Reed Smith China team members, click here.