On November 8, 2017, following many years of investigation, the U.S. Department of Justice dismissed a billion-dollar False Claims Act (FCA) case against our long-standing client HCR ManorCare, the industry leader in post-acute rehabilitation care. The DOJ alleged that HCR ManorCare delivered unnecessary therapy to patients covered under Medicare Part A in its skilled nursing facilities; HCR ManorCare was determined to fight these allegations, certain they were not true. Throughout the case, our team engaged qualified experts to disprove DOJ’s experts, and also interviewed clinicians who treated sample patients, to prove that no unnecessary services were delivered. Our team also convinced the court that DOJ’s main expert witness had lied in her deposition, resulting in the expert’s report and testimony being stricken from the case. Following this, the DOJ advised the federal court in the Eastern District of Virginia of its intention to dismiss the case. Thanks to the hard work of our Reed Smith team, this case will be dismissed with prejudice, with no payment by HCR ManorCare.

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